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What is Turbo Sub!!

Turbo Sub was the second game produced by Entertainment Sciences for the RIP hardware system.  Most of the cabinets that have surfaced have been converted from Star Wars cabinets, this makes sense considering the game utilizes the same flight yoke.  Later a clone cabinet was made that resembled the Star Wars design.

Unfortunately Turbo Sub received only a limited release.  There are a few working Turbo Sub within the collection community. Jason Spindler is the only person I know who has both types of boardsets.  He has the later model (which is common among the known Turbo Subs), and has an older boardset which more than likely old Bouncer hardware.   The older boardsets used 256K EPROMS, while the newer boardsets used 512K EPROMS.  The other noticeable difference is the sound board is two channel on the older model, while the newer model only used one channel.    

Here Are The Facts

A flyer for the game exists

Turbo Sub  was the second game produced by Entertainment Sciences, but was the first game to be commercially released (even so the release was extremely limited)

In the end,  somewhere between 15-20 Turbo Subs were completed

Most of the Turbo Sub contain original 'Bouncer' PCB's

Game was horizontal orientation using a modified Hantorex color raster monitor

The control panel utilized a Star Wars Yoke, instead on ordering new OEM, there were enough dead Star Wars around at the time to salvage parts.

Both an upright and cockpit were planned,  only one cockpit cabinet was found (unpopulated)

Twin Galaxies and Entertainment Sciences sponsored a Turbo Sub Competition

While the PCB's were capable of driving 512 lines of resolution, the output was scaled down to use cheaper monitor which had their refresh rate modified

Several Versions of the ROMS have surfaced,  included a 'complete' set which has not been released yet

There are several Turbo Sub machines in private collections

The game was designed by concept was by Dick Keenan, and Lars-Arne Hult did the animation.

The game has been preserved in MAME

A port of the game appeared as a title for the Atari Lynx

Rumor Mill (Is It True Or Not)

Hardware costs made it to expensive to be commercially succesful (
True),  The orginal hardware for Bouncer was going to cost $4295,  Entetainment Sciences were able to cut some costs by making the 'Sound Board - mono' and utilizing exists parts and lower resolution monitors.

There was a sequel called 'Turbo Sub 2000' (
False) - That was the original name of the same, there was a mention that the game should be continued in a sequel, however no work was ever started on that

A set of ROMS has been located (
True). Unlike Bouncer, multiple sets exist for 'Turbo Sub' including a set which not yet been released to the public

An untapped warehouse in Louisiana may contain additional Bouncer/Turbo Syub parts, as well as whole machines. (
False, Definately False) As much as I wish this was true is it definately not a reality. 

A warehouse was found with many unfinished machines in it (
True) - The remains of Entertainment Sciences were moved to Baton Rouge, LA with hopes of maybe restarting... Unfortunately that never happened.

The Marquee and Control Panel
Game Play Information

Using a 'Star Wars' yoke controller,  you control 'Turbo Sub' which battles what appears to be an invasion from outer space which has started to colonize under the sea... You battle several 'robotic' type creatures.... (more on this later, been to busy looking for 'Bouncer' to play it much)

The Cabinets

The initial prototype cabinets were generic 'United Artist' cabinets, but later cabinets were converted Star Wars, and some reproduced Star Wars cabinets.

The Flyer
Here is the flyer designed by Jeff Conly for 'Turbo Sub'
A Few Pictures Of Bouncer On Location at Various Shows
Promotional Turbo Sub T-Shirt
This was T-Shirt was sent to me by former CEO, Bob Rauch
Some Artwork from the Design Phase
Atari Lynx - TURBOSUB

Screen shots from the Atari Lynx port of Turbo Sub.... Interesting item here,  nobody recalls any licensing agreement with Atari over this title....
Some screen shots from Turbo Sub