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Many people wonder “Did Bouncer really exist ?”
The answer is Yes, unfortunately it was never commercially released. 

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Here Are The Facts

A flyer for the game exists

Bouncer was the first game produced by Entertainment Sciences, but was shelved until Turbo Sub was released, then it was to be reworked as a follow up title.... but this never happened

Between 5-20 Prototype machines were built and put on location over labor day weekend in September 1983

Most of the working Bouncer PCB's were repurposed for Turbo Sub machines

Game was horizontal orientation using a color raster monitor

The control panel utilized a track ball, and the following action buttons (Grab/Toss, Punch/Kick, and Bounce)

Both an upright and cocktail version were created

Bouncer was on display at AMOA 1983 in New Orleans, LA Oct 27 - Oct 30

A working Bouncer machine plays a major role in NINJA III : The Domination

Several people have claimed to play Bouncer in the 80’s

My research shows that at least 3 machines survived destruction.

The upright cabinet was designed and built in house

The game was designed by Rob Patton

Practically everything Bouncer related was destroyed and thrown out years ago after a bitter lawsuit between Entertainment Sciences and the company contracted to build the machines.  This includes prototypes, pcb's, parts, documentation, etc.

Rumor Mill (Is It True Or Not)

Hardware costs made it to expensive to commercially released (
True),  The cost was going be $4295 is Entertainment Sciences released in house.

According the Electronic Games, Bouncer was originally to be released as a laserdisc game, but later it was determined that the cartoon style animation could be done with hardware. (
False - It was always intended to be hardware based) In fact at the AMOA show many of the operators though it was a laser games, and amazingly lost interest when they found out it

Game used a medium resolution monitor (
Sort Of - it was programmed for high res, but in the end a modified G07 was used, and modified hanarex monitors for Turbo Sub),  this is true, the cost was already too high even with a standard resolution monitor.

Unit cost was close to $5000 (
True,  the list price was $4295)

A California operator claims the “Bouncer” he operated was in a converted Tempest  cabinet, and the game used a modified G07 monitor. (
Less Certain Than I Before). 

Hanna-Barbarra was involved in the project (
False).   Hanna-Barbera used a similar method of animation.

A set of ROMS has been located (Possible). A lot of people like to talk, but when it's time to  step up to the plate..well you know

An untapped warehouse in Louisiana may contain additional Bouncer parts, as well as whole machines. (
False, Definately False) As much as I wish this was true is it definately not a reality. 

The game was completed before Turbo Sub, but may have been shelved due to the controversial actions. (
False, costs prevented it from being released,  Turbo Sub was designed while waiting for costs to go down and finding funding to purchase parts in bulk. (True and False, the game shelved to wait for the costs to go down and for the completion of a second title).  
Unfortunately by the time it was ready for release with Turbo Sub operators viewed it as an old title.

One of the initial characters was a rowdy prostitute (
True,  Rob Patton confirms there was a rowdy prostitute named Bambi, she never made it past the story boards).  Bambi was replaced by Romeo (the flasher who shows his boxer shorts with hearts on them).  However,  a reader wrote a memorization of the game and he mentioned a prostitute, so it's possible it
could have been in an earlier ROM set.   Jeez,  I'd be happy with a single ROM set.

Almost everything related to Bouncer production was stolen and eventually destroyed. (
True, unforunately!!!)  Entertainment Sciences contracted with an electronics company to populate their PCB's and build their cabinets.  After the contracted electronics company failed to meet expectation, Entertainment Sciences filed a lawsuit against the electronics company
and won.   Unfortunately,  the electronics company disappeared over the weekend with almost the entire operations (prototypes, PCB films, production schematics, rom masters, code tapes, parts, etc.)  I tracked down the owner of the electronics company about 2 years ago, he
informed me he held on to the stuff for several years, and eventually smashed it up and took it to the dump (Gasp!!, It took me several years to find this guy and get him to talk to me,  my heart sunk after I heard this!   He held on to one Bouncer machine, and sold it at a garage sale
a few years back.  I'm trying to find out which dump, anyone want to get out some shovels with
me : )

A few Bouncer machines made it out and are in the hands of private collectors.  (
Possibily True).  None of the machines ended up with any employees, and what was found in the Louisianna warehouse was all that was left on Entertainment Sciences.  I'm confident that there are at least three  in existance.  1) one sold in a garage sale, 2) one sold by an operator
in 1989, and 3) the working 'Bouncer' from NINJA III was sold after production.  . I've heard through the grapevine someone knows someone who has one...  I've asked just for a picture of the cabinet and have not yet received a responce.  I'm also tracking down a lead on another machine.  By the way if you have one,  please drop me a line


The Marquee and Control Panel
Game Play Information

You’re the “Bouncer”, and it’s your job to keep away the bad guys before they disturb your customers. Bad guys include FATSO, SOPPY, ROMEO, and SCOOTER.  Other character include the waitress Julie, and the bartender Jake..

Mr. B -  As the Bouncer he must keep the partrons from being annoyed by the bad guys

FATSO - Eats The Customers Food

SOPPY - A drunk, steals peoples drinks

ROMEO - Is a flasher that enjoys showing his boxer shorts

SCOOTER - Is on a skateboard and trips waitresses and


JULIE - The Waitress, The more drinks Julie can server the higher the score

JAKE - The Bartender

THE PATRONS - You've got to keep them getting annoyed by barflies

The bouncer is controlled using a trackball, you have several options available to disable the bad guys, a punch will stun the bad guy temporarily, to eject a bad guy you can grab and toss them, grab and kick them, or roll them into a ball using the bounce button and then toss them out the window or
kick them out the door. If you have a happy patron remaining at the end of the round, then you’ll advance to the next round (different bar). There are 4 bars in the game “Hussang’s Cantina”, “Gulley’s” , “Studio 64” and “The Ritz”. The game ends when there is no more happy patrons.
The Cabinet

Most of the prototypes were upright cabinets,  there was one cocktail table producted as well
The Flyer
Here is the flyer designed by Jeff Conly for 'Bouncer'
Bouncer on test location and at AMOA New Orleans 1983
Video of Bouncer game play from an Investor Video
Video of Bouncer game play from an Investor Video
A great video Jeff from 720Zone put together on Bouncer
Promotional Bouncer T-Shirt
This was T-Shirt was sent to me by former CEO, Bob Rauch