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My Search for Bouncer - Introduction
This is a high level ‘brain dump’ of my research and efforts to find a ‘Bouncer’ machine over the past 10+ years. It is by no
means complete and captures what I think are the main points.  This was assembled initial assembled in 2012, with a few
minor additions added over the past couple years.    I also need to acknowledge several people I’ve collaborated with over the
years.   First, Todd Bordelon - Who was researching in parallel until we combined our efforts together (his story is below) 
Next, Jason Spindler (KLOV- Shacklefurd) who happens to be my cousin also got absorbed into my quest and also performed
a great deal of research also found in this dump.  Next, Damon Clausen (KLOV- AvidGeek) is a very active collector and has
also been along for this crazy ride.  Finally,  the former employees of Entertainment Sciences (with special thanks to Ulrich
Neumann, Ron Clark, Bob Rauch, Emory Clark, and Rob Patton) who have been amazing along the way.
A Few Requests
Thanks for sharing my interest in ‘Bouncer’ and I hope this guide will be entertaining, educational, and a great resource for
your research.  Now a few requests that I have as a condition for sharing…

While it will take you about 30 minutes to read through this please realize this contains the efforts of many people
over the past decade, Please credit accordingly!

This is a narrative which combines the stories of several people who have been interviewed over the years, 
I’ve done my best to be as accurate as possible, however with that said it could be some of this
information may not be completely accurate due to either my memory or the memory of those interviewed
most of these interviews occurred more than 20 years after Entertainment Sciences closed its doors.

If this research assists you in any way with locating the ROMS, it is EXPECTED that you will provide these ROMS to
the public (and MAME team since the TurboSub driver has already been created) so that they may be preserved and
enjoyed by all, this is the wish of the former employees and developers.   Likewise, if you come across a full
game it is expected that be available for ‘public exhibition’ whether through inclusion in game shows, permitted home
visits, or a donation to a reputable ‘arcade museum’
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