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Lars-Arne Hult

Lars was the animator of 'Bouncer' ,  before coming to the work for Entertainment Sciences, Lars was animator for Disney, working specifically on Winnie The Pooh.  For 'Bouncer' the art was similar to art used for traditional animation, the cells were hand drawn and painted and photographed, and utlimately captured digitally to be used by the RIP2000 hardware...   After Bouncer he also used the same method for 'Turbo Sub'.

After Entertainment  Sciences,  Lars returned back to Sweden where he started his own studio 'Huron Design'..... These days he is generally enjoying his retirement and ocassional is an extra in some movies.... Nearly all the concept art for 'Bouncer' on this site came from Lars...

Below are some pictures of Lar's studio at Entertainment Sciences.

Lars Today .... Visit www.hurondesign.se